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WWE Survivor Series 2013 PPV Results & Review

wwe survivor series

This post is rather late, isn’t it?  Apologies for that.  We’ll chalk it up to not just starting a new job but to just how difficult it is to muster up any enthusiasm for Survivor Series 2013.  This one makes 4 bad PPVs in a row for WWE – and from the sounds of things the next one is not going to be much better…

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WWE Survivor Series 2013 PPV Preview

wwe survivor series


So, for some reason, the Survivor Series still exists and you will be expected to pay to view it.  If you can name a single noteworthy event that has happened at this PPV in the past decade, you will win a prize.  For the rest of us, known as the human race, simply click on to discover the method that lies behind this madness.

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Thor: The Dark World – No Spoiler Review


The lucrative creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been an impressive undertaking, with the most startling element being the successful inclusion of Thor.  Banding together the collective crazy science experiments and advanced technology underpinning the other Avengers characters is quite straightforward.  Throwing in mystical realms from Norse mythology?  That’s quite the side-step, akin to Jedis turning up on board the Starship Enterprise.

It is testament to the brazen attitude with which Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and co. approached their new wave of Marvel Comics titles back in the 1960s.  Now that the geeks have inherited the Earth, it seems that the public is willing to accept such a mesh of styles on the big screen as well.  Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 Thor movie embraced this fish-out-of-water dynamic, tacked on a tale of torn-apart lovers and surprised everyone by being, against all odds, quite good.

So, as is the way with these things, here we are again for the inevitable sequel.  Branagh has been replaced in the director’s chair by Alan Taylor, whose film career to date has been limited but whose TV directorial output is stellar (he has directed multiple episodes of, amongst others, The SopranosMad Men, Game of Thrones and, uh, Sex and the City).   Read more…

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 PPV Review


WWE has been on a Ryback-style streak of failure when it comes to PPV events.  Ever since SummerSlam, we’ve had one disappointing show after another.  Hell in a Cell fared slightly better but ultimately also failed to impress.  What’s going on here?

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WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 PPV Preview


Here we go again, with WWE’s second PPV event of October.  This time around we’ve got R-Truth preaching to the choir, inviting us all to the calendar-mandated Hell in a Cell.  The original plan was to have just one actual Cell match this time around, in an effort to pretend the last four years never happened and that they had not already exposed the gimmick to overkill.  In the end, they wound up going with two Cell matches anyway.  Sure, why not. Read more…

Is John Cena’s Return “Best for Business” for WWE?

WWE recently announced the latest surprise return to the ring of John Cena, who will be challenging Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title at the Hell in the Cell PPV on 27 October.  That this was announced in a throwaway line on a forgettable Raw segment by Vickie Guerrero, all in the name of current champion Alberto Del Rio being pinned by his plump former ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, is strange enough in and of itself.  Dig a little deeper and it becomes apparent that this is just one of many problems with WWE and John Cena right now. Read more…

WWE Battleground PPV Results & Review


Sheesh.  Nobody had what could be called great expectations for WWE Battleground… and yet somehow this one still disappointed.

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